What do car exhaust systems do, exactly?

For most drivers, the exhaust system seems like just a set of pipes that come out of the back of the car. Believe it or not, there is much more to your car’s exhaust system – including making sure that your family is safe and healthy as well as the environment. Want to learn more? Read on:

Keeping your family safe. When your car runs, carbon monoxide and a host of other chemicals are created. The auto mechanics at Rad Air say that keeping carbon monoxide away from the passenger cabin can keep everyone safe. Having your exhaust system checked regularly can make all the difference in your family’s health.

The exhaust system protects the environment. The entire exhaust system is geared toward making sure the environment is protected from the toxic gases of burning gasoline or diesel. One part, the catalytic converter, works to change carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from harmful elements to water vapor and carbon dioxide, which can be easily absorbed into the environment.

More than just a muffler. Sure, we all realize that a muffler is a part of the exhaust system, but it isn’t the only part. There is a lot of complexity to the system itself, which includes a catalytic converter, a series of oxygen sensors and the pipes and mufflers that move the exhaust out of the back of your car and into the atmosphere.

The exhaust system keeps track of oxygen levels. With concerns over protecting the environment, high-tech exhaust systems carefully calculate the amount of oxygen in your exhaust to maintain excellent fuel economy and protect the quality of the air. Believe it or not, an issue with an oxygen sensor is one of the most common reasons that the “check engine” light might appear. Remember that in certain counties in Ohio, you simply can’t get an emissions test if your “check engine” light is on.

The exhaust system does a lot more than just keep fumes away from you and your passengers. If you are having issues with your muffler or your “check engine” light is on, bring your vehicle in to the Rad Air Cleveland Car Care & Tire Center.