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When you work or live in Downtown Cleveland, you get the benefit of enjoying city life firsthand—but that also means you likely do your fair share of city driving. This type of driving is hard on your vehicle because the oil doesn’t have a chance to reach its proper operating temperature, which exposes your engine’s parts to unwanted sludge, inadequate lubrication, and heat. And oil changes are just one type of fluid exchange service that your vehicle needs in order to run at peak performance. That’s why Rad Air of Cleveland offers all of the essential fluid services you need to protect your vehicle and keep it operating smoothly.

Because it takes a trained professional’s eye to visually inspect the condition of your vehicle’s fluids, you won’t be able to detect the signs of contamination yourself. This makes it so important to bring your vehicle in for regular inspections, giving our technicians the chance to check your fluids for signs of dust, dirt, debris, or other contamination that could be causing unnecessary damage to your engine and other components.

Understanding the Fluid Services Your Vehicle Needs

More Than Oil Changes

Most drivers understand that they will need an oil change every 3,000 to 7,5000 miles, but what about other fluids in your vehicle? Just because they may not be as top of mind as the oil in your engine, many fluids perform essential functions in your vehicle: This includes brake fluid, transmission fluid, radiator coolant, power steering fluid, differential (axle) fluid, and transfer case fluid as well as the washer fluid that helps clear your windshield during a wet winter commute. If any of these fluids are not regularly inspected and flushed, they will begin to compromise the performance and condition of your vehicle. This is why: Fluids in your vehicle can become contaminated from moisture, engine/vehicle wear byproducts, dust, dirt, and debris.

There are a variety of things that cause issues with your vehicle fluids: Oxidation, moisture, and outside air, to name a few. Fluids can break down over time due to heat, chemical reactions, and the additives’ life span expiring, as well as contamination. And dirty, sludgy oil or dust-ridden coolant means bad news for your vehicle’s parts. If you continue to run your vehicle on fluids that need to be replaced, you’re only causing excessive wear and tear to your vehicle. Think corroded brake lines and an engine coated in oil sludge.

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We’re Here to Help

Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Fluids

Is it time to schedule your seasonal maintenance at Rad Air, including an oil change and fluid inspection? We make it easy to stay on top of your fluid services: When we see a fluid that needs to be replaced, we will let you know and take care of it during your regular service visit—no additional service reservation is needed. Take a look at our current coupons and maintenance packages, and reserve your service today.