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Does Your Car Battery Need to be Replaced?

Rad Air Fairlawn Offers Car Battery Testing and Replacement

There is nothing more frustrating than a dead car battery preventing your car from starting right when you need to get to work. If you have ever put your key in your car’s ignition and nothing happens, then you know how it feels. The role of the battery is to supply power to get the engine to start. Having a good quality battery—and regularly having it checked—will give you confidence that your car will start no matter the weather. The automotive technicians at Rad Air Fairlawn have some advice when it comes to your car battery:

• Driving your car is important for your battery. When your car isn’t driven for a long period of time, whether you are out of town or working from home, your car’s battery won’t charge. A jump-start may be necessary due to a low battery charge. To avoid this problem, make sure you drive your car regularly. While you are driving, the alternator recharges the battery for you.

• Heat or cold can drain car batteries. The swings in temperature that occur as the seasons change can cause issues with your battery. If you drive regularly all year long and park your car outdoors, then have your battery checked throughout the year to make sure it will start. You may also want to consider a heavy-duty battery that can provide longer, more stable starting power over the long term.

• It is not hard to measure your battery’s charge. Bring your car to Rad Air Fairlawn and our automotive team will measure your current percentage of charge. You’ll know in moments if you need a new battery or if you can safely continue to drive with your current battery. Watch the video below to see how our technicians at Rad Air test a car’s battery health.

• Batteries have great longevity. Most car batteries last an average of three to five years. If you hit the five-year mark and haven’t changed your battery, it may be time for a battery check and replacement.

Are you having trouble getting your car to start? Let us help! The expert automotive technicians at Rad Air Fairlawn have the ability to test your battery and, if needed, recommend a new battery that will be suitable for your vehicle. Make sure you check out our current coupons before your service. We often run specials that can help you save on starting system evaluations and new battery installation.

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