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As you are driving down the road in Fairlawn, you probably are not thinking about whether your car’s engine drive belts and hoses are operating as they should. However, both have extremely important functions in your car. Most vehicles have one to three (sometimes four) engine accessory drive belts—if any one of the belts fails you can lose your ability to safely handle and drive your car, your engine can overheat, or you can lose battery charging ability. Your vehicle also has several radiator, cooling system, and heater hoses that carry coolant, or antifreeze, throughout the engine, heater, and radiator. If the hose fails, your engine will overheat and you could end up stranded—you might have heating and defrosting issues too. How will you know if your belts and hoses are going bad? You might notice your car belt squealing, but hoses can fail without warning. This is why we recommend having your car’s belts and hoses inspected every time you have your lube, oil, and filter changed. They need to be serviced and replaced if needed every 7-plus years or 100,000 miles.

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Your car’s belts and hoses are exposed to heat, cold, friction, and chemicals that can lead to deterioration. The Rad Air Fairlawn team will thoroughly inspect the belts and hoses to identify any signs of wear and damage. Our qualified technicians will carefully fit the new hoses and belts and ensure they function properly. Belt alignment and replacement services might be quick and easy to complete, but they are also essential: Let us help you take care of this critical vehicle maintenance.

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Prevent more costly fixes down the road due to engine overheating or a loss of power steering by prioritizing belt and hose maintenance now. Bring your vehicle to Rad Air Fairlawn.