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There are certain things that you do for your vehicle regularly: Vacuum and clean out the interior, check your tire pressure, keep your tank full of gas, and have your oil changed. But are you also considering the less obvious tasks that help keep your vehicle running optimally? One of those tasks is maintaining your car’s fluids. You may not realize that there are other fluid services aside from oil changes. Many fluids perform essential functions in your car, from transmission fluid and coolant to brake fluid and the washer fluid that helps clear your windshield.

While oil changes need to occur every 3,000 to 7,500 miles, your vehicle’s other fluids should be checked approximately every 1,000 miles. We know it is a lot to maintain, which is why Rad Air incorporates fluid inspections into our regular maintenance services. If a particular fluid appears to be dirty or contaminated, we’ll let you know and flush out the fluid during your visit.

Why Do All Fluids Need to Be Replaced?

More Than Oil Changes

All vehicle fluids are at risk of contamination. As your fluids are exposed to oxidation, moisture, and outside air, they can collect dust, dirt, and debris. Running your engine on contaminated fluids is not a good idea as your car might continue to run, but at the cost of significant wear and tear on your engine and other components. Most fluids in your vehicle are designed to lubricate and cool moving parts and keep your vehicle performing as it should. Older, dirty oil, for example, can become sludge—and that takes a heavy toll on cylinders, pistons, and other engine parts.

Rad Air of Fairlawn can handle all of your fluid service needs. Our goal is to simplify vehicle maintenance for our clients, and that includes fluid services. We are available to inspect and perform fluid exchanges for any type of fluid in your vehicle, including oil, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, differential (axle) fluid, transfer case fluids, and washer fluid.

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We’re Here to Help

Streamlining Your Vehicle’s Fluid Services

Is it time for your vehicle’s maintenance? During your next regular service visit, we’ll take a look and make sure all of the fluids in your vehicle are good to go. Take a look at our coupons and then schedule your service at Rad Air of Fairlawn. Our team looks forward to seeing you!