Fairlawn’s Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Centers experts are pretty clear when they talk about taking care of your car.

They believe that the best thing you can do is to complete preventative maintenance. Why take the time and invest the money in preventative maintenance? Preventative maintenance keeps cars on the road by completing a comprehensive set of services that can fix problems while they are still small and manageable. Here are some of the items that we look for:

Clean fluids. There are many types of fluids in your car – oil, coolant and even transmission fluids. Clean fluids circulating through the car can prevent oil breakdown and contamination from dirt and other particulates. Coolant can keep your car running in warmer weather. Since engines create so much heat, they need a way to prevent expensive overheating issues. Rad Air’s Fairlawn car experts can determine if you need additional coolant added to your system or a complete radiator flush.

Good quality tires. With a flat tire, you won’t be going anywhere fast. In addition, tires in excellent condition literally prevents accidents and blow outs. Do you think you need new tires? Let the tire care professionals at Fairlawn’s Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Centers evaluate your car’s tires and recommend the best new tires for you and your driving needs.

Keep you shifting optimally. When your car doesn’t shift correctly, it can cause you to have to drive erratically. What might you hear from your car if you are having transmission issues? Grinding is the most common noise. A preventative maintenance checkup will allow our professional automotive technicians to determine if dirty transmission fluid is causing a problem that can be easily fixed, saving you thousands of dollars.

Check your stopping power. Certainly, stopping is something that your car must do in order to stay safe on the road. A preventative maintenance visit at the Fairlawn Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center will take a look at every part of your braking system, including the rotors, brake pads and brake fluid levels.

Keep your car on the road with preventative maintenance! Let the automotive experts at Fairlawn’s Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Centers help you get where you need to be without any automotive issues. We have convenient appointments!