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Bumps in the road, giant potholes, and roads that are being repaired—all of them would be much more uncomfortable were it not for the shocks and struts that are installed on your car. Do you feel like your ride is a bit more bumpy or uncomfortable than it should be? You might be in need of shocks and struts repair or replacement services for your car. If you do get service done on your shocks and struts, you will get more than just a smoother ride.

Shocks and struts prevent damage to your car. Though it is nice to have a smooth ride, the shocks and struts do a lot more than just keep you comfortable. Shocks and struts prevent damage to the frame of your car when driving over uneven surfaces, hitting a pothole, or having to travel over sections of uneven road. They also adjust to changes when your car takes a turn around a corner or needs to stop quickly.

Shocks and struts help prevent accidents. Mechanics at Rad Air of Fairlawn say that shocks and struts installed on your car help your vehicle adapt to changes in driving surfaces. How does this happen? As part of your suspension system, shocks and struts absorb the energy created by uneven surfaces and keep your tires evenly on the road. If you do have to stop suddenly or make a quick turn to avoid an accident, the shocks and struts can prevent further damage by maintaining the level of the car and giving the driver additional control.

Shocks and struts are an easy fix. Traditional shocks and struts were nothing short of a challenge to fix and replace. That’s simply not the case anymore. New developments in shock and strut design allow the system to be replaced as component parts rather than as individual parts, saving you time and money in parts and labor. In fact, our auto mechanics at Rad Air in Fairlawn believe that replacement couldn’t be easier.

Have you noticed signs of irregular or uneven tire wear on your vehicle? Has your vehicle been swerving more on the road? It might be time to get your shocks and struts replaced. Rad Air of Fairlawn’s friendly and knowledgeable car care team is here to inspect your shocks and struts and make any needed repairs to give you a smoother ride.

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