Improve Your Car’s Performance With Optimal Fluids

Rad Air of Garfield Heights Offers a Range of Fluid Exchange Services

When you live in a bustling city like Garfield Heights, you are used to being out and about on busy roads. But doing your fair share of city driving can be hard on your car. For example, the oil in your engine doesn’t have a chance to reach its proper operating temperature, exposing engine parts to unwanted sludge, inadequate lubrication, and heat. Did you know that there are also other fluids in your vehicle that perform essential functions and contribute to your car’s overall performance?


Oil Changes Are Important, but Other Fluids Need to Be Regularly Flushed, Too

Many drivers are familiar with the recommendation to have their car’s oil changed every 3,000 to 7,500 miles, on average but aren’t aware of the many other vehicle fluids that need to be inspected—these include transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, differential (axle) fluid, and transfer case fluids. Each of these fluids plays a specific and important role in the operation of your vehicle. When they aren’t regularly inspected, you may not realize that you are driving with contaminated or dirty fluids. Why does this matter?


Old, Dirty Oil and Fluids Can Wreak Havoc on Your Vehicle’s Parts

There are many factors that contribute to the condition of vehicle fluids, including oxidation, moisture, and outside air. Over time, dirt, engine/vehicle wear byproducts, debris, and dust can accumulate and cause contamination, leading to corrosion and other issues. Fluids are used to help lubricate and cool the moving parts in your vehicle, and if they are corroded, they cannot perform their function properly. In addition to regular oil changes, we recommend having your fluids inspected every 1,000 miles, on average.


Rad Air Can Handle All of Your Fluid Exchange Needs

Unless you are a trained automotive technician, you will not be able to visually inspect the condition of your vehicle’s fluids to check for signs of contamination. When you bring your vehicle to Rad Air for regular vehicle maintenance, we will carefully inspect your fluids and recommend any needed flushes or top offs. Keeping your vehicle fluids well maintained is simple with the help of the Rad Air team—and it goes a long way toward preserving your vehicle’s parts and systems for the long term.

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