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Save car repair costs is to keep up with the recommended maintenance schedules

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With Garfield Height’s proximity to downtown Cleveland, you may want to meet friends and family in the area. If your car isn’t running optimally, then you may spend your evening waiting for a tow, rather than a night on the town.

One of the best ways to save car repair costs is to keep up with the recommended maintenance schedules. There are many items that can be checked on a vehicle to make sure that it is running safely and staying reliable. These items can include inspecting the wide variety of belts in an engine, as well as wiper blades, headlights and bulbs. Other inspection points to take into consideration are fluid levels, the overall condition of the tires and their wear pattern. Mechanical systems such as brakes, heating and cooling, and the condition of the suspension can be evaluated by the car mechanics at Rad Air. Finally, automotive technicians will check the steering systems, hoses, filters and the exhaust system.

Instead of being concerned every time you get behind the wheel, take a minute to stop by or call the Garfield Height’s Rad Air Car Care & Tire Center location near you. We’ll be happy to set up an appointment to do a full check of your car’s systems.

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