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If your brakes aren’t working right, you are putting yourself and others in danger.

brakesEvery single time you go out to run errands, you use your brakes to navigate the roads around your home. Make sure that you can stop to avoid other cars, pedestrians and even kids playing in the road. Here are just a few things to know about the braking system from the mechanics of Medina’s Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center:

  • Brakes should be silent. Grinding, squeaking, squealing or rubbing are all noises that indicate there may be a problem with the condition of your brakes. If you hear squealing, it may be your brake pads. Brake pads have a small metal line in them as a safety feature to let you know it is time for brake service.

  • Braking should be easy. Standing on the brakes or pushing the pedal to the floor means that there is an issue with your brakes. Bring your car into the Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center in Medina for an immediate evaluation. Don’t take a chance that your brakes will fail.

  • Brakes are more than just brake pads. Today’s braking systems are complex and include many different parts, including rotors, pads, brakes shoes and a master cylinder. All of these systems work together to create the pressure needed to stop your car.

  • Brakes are critical. Service is a must if your brakes aren’t working correctly. Protect yourself and others on the road with brakes that are in excellent condition.

Take action before your brakes fail and you have an accident. The car care specialists the Medina Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center will be happy to help you get your braking system repaired and working efficiently. Call today for more information and a convenient appointment at our Medina location.

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