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Your car’s heating and cooling system controls the flow of warmed and cooled air for your comfort on the road, much like your home’s HVAC system. The system in your vehicle is arguably more complex, and the stakes are higher when it fails. Why? Two words: foggy windows. In your home, if the windows fog, it is not a big deal. However, in your car, when your defroster cannot control condensation like it is designed to do, your windows will fog—and seriously hinder your visibility and ability to safely operate your vehicle. 


The heating and cooling system in your car relies on permanent coolant, also known as antifreeze. With a higher boiling point than water, permanent coolant helps to keep your vehicle from overheating. It also contains lubricant and anticorrosion properties that protect your engine against chemical reactions. Rad Air Medina will maintain your engine by performing regular fluid exchanges. If we determine that your cooling system has become contaminated, we will perform a thorough flush and refill service. We recommend that your car’s heating and cooling system should be inspected every time you have a Lube, Oil, and Filter change, and the entire system should be serviced every 30,000 to 50,000 miles—or 3 to 5 years—or as needed.

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The team at Rad Air Medina is trained and experienced in inspecting your car’s heating and cooling system, including the defroster and the air conditioner. During our inspection, we look closely at mode operation—heating, defrosting, ventilation, air conditioning, bi–level, and recirculation—and perform the repairs necessary to resolve any issues. We will handle any regular fluid exchanges as well as coolant flush and refill services to prolong the life of your system.

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