Professional Brake Services in Parma Heights

Rad Air Keeps Your Brake System in Top Condition

If your car didn’t have brakes, you’d have a big problem. The braking system—made up of a variety of parts that help your car to quickly stop and adjust for turns—is the most critical system in your car’s everyday operation. What do you need to know about making sure your braking system is in top condition? Here’s what the automotive professionals at Rad Air Parma Heights suggest keeping in mind about your car’s brakes.

• Your brakes have to be working optimally to keep you safe. Brakes are not a car system that you can live without. Knowing that you can depend on your braking system is important not only for your own safety but for the safety of others, especially in the challenging driving conditions in Greater Cleveland.

• Your brakes should be sensitive. A tiny press on the brake pedal should engage the system. If that is not the case, it is time for you to bring your car to Rad Air Parma Heights for a brake evaluation and any necessary repairs. A brake pedal that must be pushed to the floor in order to stop your vehicle is not a system you can depend on.

• Brakes should be silent. Grinding, squeaking, squealing, and rubbing are not sounds you want to hear coming from your braking system. If you hear these noises regularly, there may be an issue with your braking system, in particular the brake pads. Manufacturers add a small metal piece into brake pads so that when they wear down, the brakes begin to make noise. Then you will know it is time for brake service.

• Brakes have a lot of parts. Brakes are not a simple system. In fact, a brake system includes a list of parts like rotors, pads, brake shoes, and more. Along with a host of sensors that operate anti-lock braking systems, these parts operate in harmony to help you to stop.

Your car’s braking system is not worth taking a chance on. Bring your car into Rad Air Parma Heights for a comprehensive brake system evaluation performed by one of our certified auto technicians. We’ll be happy to get you back on the road safely after a thorough brake service.