Parma Heights Car Care Basics

Cars in the Cleveland area can really take a beating with harsh sub-zero winter temperatures and tropical summer heat. In order to keep your car running, doing some basic car care can save you money and help you to get where you need to go in Parma Heights. Here’s what the experts at Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Centers recommend to keep your car working optimally:

Check your tires. If you want to avoid being stranded and want to make sure your car isn’t burning unnecessary gas, then make sure your tires aren’t worn out. Bad tires can lead to accidents due to slipping on ice or hydroplaning on wet roads.

Do your lights work? Driving without headlights or having a brake light out can create a hazard on the road. Auto technicians believe that it is much more cost effective and safe to have lights replaced than risk an accident.

Be battery smart. In hot and cold weather conditions, your car needs a good charge from the battery in order to get moving. Getting a new battery every three to five years is an excellent investment. The technicians at Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Centers can quickly check your battery charge and change out your battery while you wait.

Oil changes matter. Having clean, contaminant free oil in your car makes a huge difference in the way your car runs and in the amount of gas mileage you can get. Oil which needs to be changed loses viscosity and can cause friction among sensitive engine parts. Having an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles can save you money in repairs in the long run.

Make sure you can see during bad weather. If you are driving in the Cleveland area in a blizzard or thunderstorm, having properly working windshield wipers can prevent accidents. If you are seeing streaking or freezing on your wiper blades, stop in at the Parma Heights Rad Air, and we’ll change out your blades while you wait.

As you can see, car care doesn’t have to be complicated. Take these tips from the automotive technicians at the Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center in Parma Heights and keep your car running optimally. Need help with any of these issues? Call or stop in today for a convenient appointment and affordable car care.