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Oil changes need an image makeover! This service is more important than you may think. Having regular oil changes are critical to maintaining the health of your car and to protecting the sensitive inner parts of many engine systems. Here are just a few reasons that oil changes have gotten a bad rap.

  • Rad Air Oil ChangePeople don’t realize that city driving wears on engine systems. It may seem that a short trip to the drug store would be easier on your car than driving for several hours, which just isn’t the case. When your car is only driven short distances, the oil never has a chance to reach peak levels of viscosity. That means your car’s engine parts aren’t adequately protected. Having clean oil helps to mitigate some of those issues.

  • Oil doesn’t stay clean. Sure, the engine is a closed system, but according to the car care experts at the Parma Heights Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center, oil gets contaminated by dirt and rust over time. Oxidation is also an issue as the oil is exposed to oxygen needed for combustion.

  • 3,000 miles goes by quickly. If you drive a lot, then you may feel like you are constantly getting your oil changed. While you may be there frequently, it is a good idea to have it done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Depending on your vehicle, synthetic or synthetic-blend oil can extend the time between oil changes.

  • Oil changes have been shown to save car owners money in the long term because their car lasts for years longer. Oil changes are an excellent investment!

As you can see, oil changes have gotten a bad rap over the years. What many clients don’t understand is that city driving can be hard on car systems, oil doesn’t stay clean and mileage does add up. All of these are excellent reasons to schedule your oil change with the Parma Heights Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center today!

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