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Your vehicle’s air conditioner is probably not something you think about regularly, taking for granted that it will work when you need it. However, your car’s A/C is much more than a convenience item in your car. If your air conditioner is failing, keep the following in mind:

  • Safety first. Your car’s AC helps you to keep your windshield clear throughout the seasons in Seven Hills. When the A/C in your car isn’t working, neither are your defogging options. That means you may experience significant visibility issues on hot, rainy days when your windshield fogs.
  • Simple to fix. Experts at Rad Air Seven Hills will provide comprehensive AC repairs, identifying the source of the issue. Often, there is a problem in the electrical or mechanical portion of the AC system, but leaks and blown fuses can be easy fixes. Our team will also inspect your car’s coolant levels, check the status of the fan motor, and ensure that your defogging capabilities are working properly.
  • A deteriorated hose can be the culprit. Over time, the hoses in your car’s AC are exposed to chemicals and temperature shifts that can cause them to deteriorate from the inside out. These should be regularly inspected and replaced as necessary to avoid more costly AC repairs.

A broken vehicle A/C system can do much more than simply prevent you from keeping your cool during the summer in Seven Hills. A functioning air conditioner is essential to your safety on the road. If your AC is not cooling your vehicle like it usually does, or you notice a loud noise when it is running, contact the team at your local Rad Air immediately.

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