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What keeps your car moving down the road? The answer is your engine and transmission. These systems work together to use fuel and provide power to your vehicle’s wheels—if they are not working properly, your vehicle needs to be inspected as soon as possible. Don’t wait until your vehicle won’t start. At the earliest sign of a potential issue, we recommend bringing your car to Rad Air Seven Hills for engine and transmission repair services. Our automotive technicians use their diagnostic skills, tools, and expertise to get to the root of the problem and provide thorough and accurate repairs. We service automatic and manual transmission cars as well as hybrid / electric vehicles.

Don’t Ignore Your Car

Is the Check Engine Light On?

Your car has several ways of telling you something is wrong: It may make a strange noise—like grinding—or stall at a stop sign. It may illuminate the Check Engine light. Here’s our advice: Don’t ignore your vehicle. Instead, bring your car to Rad Air Seven Hills for a thorough inspection and diagnosis. Once we identify the root cause of the problem, we provide comprehensive repairs and maintenance. Our range of engine and transmission services include engine replacements, fluid exchanges/services, and transmission rebuilds.

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