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Keeping your car on the road can become very expensive if you are not maintaining the schedule of maintenance that your automotive manufacturer recommends. By checking the items on the schedule, you can make sure your car is safe and reliable and that the fluids, belts, headlights, tires, brakes, AC system, and suspension are all working optimally, keeping you safe and on the road.
What are some of the things that we check to make sure that your car is working well? Here are just a few of the items that we check as part of a regular maintenance schedule.Car Maintenance

  • Oils and other fluids. Every vehicle needs a myriad of different fluids to keep them on the road. Our car care specialists assess each of these, including transmission fluid, brake fluid, windshield wiper and transmission fluid. These can be changed or topped off for optimal operations.
  • Suspension, shocks, and your car frame. Unfortunately, potholes and construction can cause issues with the structure of your car. As part of our regularly scheduled maintenance check, our car care specialists evaluate these items to make sure that your car is running smoothly and safely.
  • Best belt condition. Belts can crack or leak when they are exposed to extreme heat, cold and chemicals over time. The car care team at the Seven Hills Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center will evaluate each of these and make recommendations for changing them.
  • See in the dark. Night driving is simply not safe without the proper lights. Not only that, but you can be fined for driving without headlights, taillights and brake lights that aren’t working. We can easily check these lights and change them if necessary.
  • Tires keep you rolling. Tires can wear out with driving, which can cause accidents, blowouts and even an inability to stop in slippery situations. The car care team at the Seven Hills Rad Air Complete Care and Tire Center can quickly assess your tires and make recommendations for new tires appropriate for your driving habits and budget.

Don’t let worry accompany you on the road. Let our expert auto mechanics help you to keep your car running well. Come into the Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Center today!

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