Shock and Strut Inspection

Shocks and Struts

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Shocks and struts not only make your ride comfortable, but they protect you in many different driving scenarios. The expert mechanics at the Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Center’s Seven Hills location know that shocks and struts actually ensure your safety. How is this possible?Shocks and Struts

  • Shocks and struts are versatile automotive systems. This system is made up of many working parts that help your car to cover rough roads, as well as steer and stop in traffic. This system allows each wheel to individually adjust to the road, keeping you comfortable and safe.

  • They prevent accidents. Imagine if your car bounced over every bump in the road. Shocks and struts give you the ability to quickly stop to avoid an accident, keeping the car level and safe as you stop.

  • Easy to repair. In the past, shocks and struts have required a lot of labor to maintain. Now, the cutting edge car repair technology used by the Seven Hills Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Center means that only the damaged or worn parts need to be replaced.

  • Affordable! With these changes in the design of shock and strut parts, getting new shocks and struts can be an affordable, quick fix for your car.

Come in today! The Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Center’s Seven Hills location offers complete car care. We can evaluate your struts and shocks in just minutes! Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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