Strongsville Car Care Basics

For those people that live in Strongsville, our Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center couldn’t be more conveniently located to deal with your car’s basic needs. Taking the time to complete basic maintenance can be a lifesaver if you want to keep your car on the road, going to all of the places you have to go on your busy schedule.

One of the best things you can do to save money on car repairs and save the time it takes while your car is in the shop is to do some basic preventative maintenance on your own car. Though you might not be able to fix a blown head gasket, you can take care of some of the things that need to be done to keep your car on the road.

Check your tire pressure. Tires are designed to carry a certain amount of pressure to keep them working at optimum levels. The amount of air in your tire can change over time, making your tires wear out faster and decreasing fuel economy. Your car’s owners manual and sticker inside the drivers door will list the correct amount of air for your tires. Simply check with a tire pressure gauge and fill accordingly.

Check all the fluids that your engine uses. There are several different types of fluids in your car that will keep you on the road. You can easily check your coolant, transmission fluid, engine oil and window washer fluid. Add more according to your car’s specifications to prevent breakdowns.

Inspect the condition of your battery. There is nothing that will keep you on the side of the road faster than a dead battery. Look for dirt and corrosion on the the cables. If there is, take it to the Strongsville Rad Air Car Care & Tire Center for help. Finally, make sure that you have good visibility out of your windshield. Whether fighting through a winter snowstorm or a summer rain, being able to see ensures your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. If your windshield wipers are leaving more streaks than clear glass, it may be time to get a new set.

Don’t neglect your car.  Making a few checks before heading out on the road could save you from misfortune. Even if you aren’t car-savvy, a few simple observations can go a long way!

  • Check your fluids, always while the engine is cool.
  • Check the battery to make sure there is no corrosion.
  • Check your tire air pressure
  • Make sure your wipers are operational and that the blades are efficiently removing water from your windshield.

Checking your tire pressure, automotive fluids, battery and windshield wipers on a regular basis can be one of the best ways to keep your car on the road. Have questions about what you have found? Stop by the Rad Air’s Strongsville Car Care & Tire Center and we’ll be happy to help!