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Without your vehicle’s engine and transmission working properly, your car wouldn’t be able to move down the road. The two systems work together to use fuel and power your car’s wheels. When any component of either system is not working properly, your car is at risk of failing on the highway. Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission or a hybrid vehicle, bring your car to Rad Air Strongsville for a thorough diagnostic inspection and repairs. We have the skills, tools, and expertise to accurately diagnose the problem and provide comprehensive repairs.

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Pay Attention to the Check Engine Light

When the Check Engine light goes on, you may assume it is not an indication of a major problem. However, the only way to know for sure is to have your vehicle inspected at Rad Air Strongsville. We will thoroughly diagnose and repair your vehicle, whether you need an engine replacement or transmission rebuild. Before your visit, also let us know if you have noticed any strange or unusual vehicle behavior (like stalling out at traffic lights, trouble starting, strange odors, or grinding sounds).

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The team at Rad Air Strongsville will restore your vehicle to optimal condition and performance. Let us help diagnose and repair your car’s engine or transmission and provide preventative maintenance that will keep you safe on the road.