Fluid Services From Rad Air Improve Your Car’s Performance

We Provide Oil Changes, Brake Fluid Exchanges, and More

If you live or commute to work in Strongsville, you are familiar with city driving and the toll it can take on your vehicle. For example, when motor oil does not have time to reach its proper operating temperature, your engine’s parts can be exposed to unwanted sludge, heat, and inadequate lubrication—causing damage to your engine over time. And oil is just one type of fluid in your vehicle—there are a variety of essential fluids that need to be well maintained if you want to protect your vehicle and keep it performing optimally.


Make Sure You Understand All Types of Fluid Services

While most drivers know that their oil should be changed every 3,000 to 7,500 miles, they may not be as familiar with the other types of fluids that also need to be serviced. This includes brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, differential (axle) fluid, transfer case fluids, and radiator coolant. All of these fluids must be regularly inspected and flushed to ensure that they don’t begin to compromise the performance and condition of your vehicle. What happens if you don’t replace your vehicle fluids?


Fluids Are Susceptible to Contamination

From oxidation to moisture buildup, there are a variety of reasons why your vehicle fluids may become contaminated. Over time, fluids can break down due to excessive heat, chemical reactions, and contact with outside air. If you continue to run your vehicle on old or contaminated fluids, you are potentially damaging your vehicle’s parts. For example, when moisture builds up on your brake system, the brake pedals’ performance can be altered and the brake system can become corroded.


Bring Your Vehicle to Rad Air for Fluid Exchange Services

Staying on top of your vehicle fluid maintenance might seem daunting—but not if you let Rad Air handle the task! Our technicians will inspect your vehicle’s fluids during every maintenance service to look for signs of dust, dirt, debris, or other contamination and will let you know their recommendations for any fluids that need to be flushed and replaced. The best part? No additional service recommendation is needed. We will handle the fluid exchange as part of your maintenance service visit.

Is it time to schedule seasonal maintenance at Rad Air, including an oil change or a fluid inspection? Make sure you check out our current coupons and then reserve your service online.