Shock and Strut Inspection

Shocks and Struts

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Shocks and struts prevent the rattle and roll you’d feel from uneven surfaces if they weren’t installed on your car. When your car feels like it is rougher than usual, new shocks and struts might be in order. Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts do more than make a rough road a smooth one. This critical system is comprised of a group of parts that not only decrease bumps in the road, but also allow drivers to quickly adjust to changing traffic patterns and assist the braking system. Many accidents are caused by failures in the shocks and struts. These can be avoided with regular inspections to your support parts.

Replacing your shocks and struts can prevent damage to your vehicle.  They will also increase your ability to respond quickly to avoid accidents. Shocks and struts are just one of the complementary mechanical systems to your braking and wheel systems and aren’t to be taken for granted.

Shocks and struts were designed with more than just comfort in mind, the safety of your vehicle is greatly dependent on them.

  • How well you can maneuver and stop are directly affected by the condition of these parts.

  • Your vehicle and your safety both fair better when your shocks and struts are inspected during your regular car service by one of our trained technicians.

Do you have more questions about how the shock and strut systems work in your car? Bring it to Rad Air! The Rad Air Strongsville team can help you to understand how shocks and struts work and can quickly evaluate the condition of your car’s parts. We will take your car for a test drive and evaluate your dampening system with our high-end technology. Call us today for friendly, affordable service!

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