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Replacing Car BatteryWhen your battery is dead, there is literally nowhere to go. Your car’s battery plays such a significant role in starting your car that when it doesn’t have enough charge, there is no way to get it started, short of a jump start or a new battery. Don’t get stranded in Westlake or in the Cleveland area with a dead battery. Here are some great battery tips from the mechanics at the Westlake Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center.

  • Age matters. Battery life is affected by age. Typically, a battery will last for up to three to five years. Batteries that are installed for longer than that may not be able to hold a sufficient charge in order to help you start your car. Luckily, getting a new battery is easy. Just bring your car to our Westlake site and let us know you need to have your battery replaced. We will check your charge, recommend a new battery and install it as quickly as possible for you.

  • Driving time is critical. Your battery actually recharges when you drive. That said, if your car has been sitting too much, you run the risk of the battery losing a potent level of charge which may prevent you from starting your car. If you are going out of town for a long period of time or have had an illness that has sidelined you, simply ask someone to pull your car out of the garage and let it run for a minimum of 45 minutes to charge the battery and bring all fluids up to optimal operating temperature.

  • Know your levels. Since your battery holds a charge for a long period of time, it can be measured. You may think you need a new battery, but that may not be the case! Instead of spending the money, just get your charge checked. Our friendly, expert automotive staff can determine how much charge you have and if you need a new battery.

  • Winter is tough on batteries. If you live in Westlake, then you know all about cold winter temperatures. Frigid weather can cause challenges for car batteries. Instead of worrying, just stop in and we’ll check your battery before the bad weather starts.

  • Jumpstarts are a key indicator. Your first stop after getting a jumpstart should be to the Westlake Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center. Needing a jumpstart means that your battery is being drained for some reason. We can help you figure out why.

Bring your car in to the Westlake Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center today so that our expert mechanical staff can measure the charge on your battery and recommend a new one if needed. Stop in today!


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