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Many car owners can be overwhelmed by choosing the right tires for their car. Are you searching for new tires in Westlake? If so, let the tire professionals at Rad Air Westlake offer some help. We make the process of inspecting your current tires and shopping for new ones simple and stress-free. Here are just a few things to consider before starting your search for new tires:

  • Does your vehicle need new tires? Our team’s first step is to carefully evaluate the tires on your car. We will check the sidewalls and tread wear and look for gouges, blistering, or bubbles. Whether or not new tires are needed will be determined by the condition of the tire and the amount of tread that is left on the tires. If you don’t need new tires, we will let you know! Instead, we’ll recommend a tire service such as a tire rotation to ensure even wear on all tires.
  • Find the right size. There are many different sizes of tires in today’s market. Simply put, the tires that are needed for a large truck are not the same that are needed on a compact car. We will help you to determine the manufacturer’s recommended tire size before we put new tires on your car. Driving with correctly sized tires can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.
  • Know your driving habits. Our technicians will ask you to describe your regular driving habits to get a sense of the mileage you put on your tires. Depending on whether you have a long daily commute or only drive short distances, our team will likely make a different tire recommendation.
  • Are snow tires a worthwhile investment? All-season tires are not the only tires that we offer at Rad Air Westlake. We also offer a full line of snow and off-road tires. Given the challenging winter weather we experience in Northeast Ohio, snow tires provide additional grip and stability during the winter months.
  • Your budget matters. At Rad Air Westlake, we will work carefully with you to make sure that your budget is respected. We aim to help you find the ideal set of tires for your vehicle that meets your needs, your driving style, and your desired price point.

Inspecting your tires and replacing them when necessary doesn’t need to be frustrating. Rad Air Westlake is here to simplify the process, perform qualified tire inspections, and assist you through the new tire selection process.

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