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Transmission RepairEngine issues can be extremely complex, ranging from shorts in the electrical system to blown pistons or head gaskets. When you are having an issue with your car, you want to know that the service technicians are well qualified. At the Westlake Rad Air Car Care & Tire Center, you can be sure that our team will get you back on the road. But, how do you know if you are having a problem?

  • Consider the age of your car. Engine and transmission problems are more likely the older that your car is. There is a breaking point where it no longer makes sense to put thousands of dollars into repairing a car, especially when the repairs exceed the value of the vehicle. The expert mechanics at Westlake Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center will assist you in making those decisions.

  • Consistent issue? When you are having issues with your engine or transmission, being able to inform your mechanic about the longevity of the issue is really helpful. Keep track of how long you have noticed a problem and when it generally occurs. If you do notice a problem, get your car into your local Westlake Rad Air as soon as possible to avoid being stranded.

  • Noises. If you have been hearing uncharacteristic noises from your car, let us know. Grinding, backfiring and churning noises are not normal for any car and letting us know about those can help us to decipher the problem more quickly.

  • Dash lights. Most of today’s cars are run on cutting edge computer technology, which will help you to know that there is an issue with the engine or transmission. If you see a dash light come on, stop by and we’ll quickly run a diagnostic and advise you about next steps.

  • Progressively worse? If a problem started and has gotten worse, that information can be critical for our automotive technicians to know. If the behavior of your vehicle has gotten worse over time, then we need to know that in order to make the best diagnosis of the problem.

You can help our technicians to determine the problem you may be having with your engine or transmission simply by being observant. By reporting noises, dash lights and consistency, you can play a vital role in getting your car fixed and back on the road as quickly as possible. Call Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center in Westlake for service today!

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