Having heating and cooling in your vehicle is a wonderful way to keep you and your family comfortable during short jaunts to work as well as long family vacations. The heating and cooling systems in today’s cars are sophisticated systems that can even respond to the needs of individual passengers. The experts at the Westlake Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center want to share some of their knowledge about automotive heating and cooling.

  • Heating and cooling provide safety. Having functioning heating and cooling systems is more than just keeping you comfortable. In fact, your heating and cooling system allows you to quickly clear the windshield of ice and condensation. Heating and cooling systems provide a measure of visibility and safety for drivers.

  • Heating and cooling are not related to function. These independent systems are not related to the ability of your car to run. While your comfort may be compromised, your car will still get you where you need to go in any type of weather.

  • Heat is generated from the engine. With the high temperatures of an engine, there is no shortage of heat available for you and your passengers. If your heat isn’t working, it doesn’t mean that it is not there. The automotive technicians at the Westlake Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center can help you to determine why the heat isn’t entering the cabin.

  • A simple fix. If heat and cool air aren’t entering the passenger compartment, technicians will check the controls, belts, hoses and the blower motor as a place to start. Generally, there are simple reasons for a breakdown in heating and cooling systems.

  • Air conditioning is created. Unlike heat generated from the engine, cooling has to be developed by the car itself. A small air conditioning system that provides cool air circulates through vents and the passenger compartment through the use of a fan. It operates similarly to a home or office air conditioning system; however, all of the components are built into various areas of the vehicle and plumbed together with a series of lines and hoses. The A/C system works in conjunction with the heating and ventilation system of your vehicle.

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