Wickliffe Vehicle Maintenance Schedules

You count on your car to get you to work, home and to run errands. If you want it to run optimally, take part in regular maintenance. Even though this is an easy concept, understanding the automotive manufacturer’s recommendations can be nothing short of confusing. Let the car mechanics at the Wickliffe Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire help you keep your car on the road. Our professional auto repair team looks at many items during regularly scheduled maintenance visits:

  • How is your suspension holding up? Potholes, uneven roads and construction zones are just part of living in Wickliffe. As part of our regular preventative maintenance service, we evaluate all of the parts of your suspension system to make sure that you’ll experience a smooth, safe ride.
  • How much tread do you have? Tires are critical for safety and excellent gas mileage. When you bring your car into the mechanics at the Wickliffe Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center, we can quickly assess the condition of your tires and provide suggestions that work with your vehicle and your budget.
  • Are your fluids clean and full? From window wiper fluid, to oil, to transmission fluid, there are many types that are needed to keep your car running. During our preventative maintenance services, we check to make sure your fluids are clean and full. If they need to be replaced, we can do that as well.
  • Are you visible? Making sure your headlights, brake lights, caution lights and tail lights are all operating the way they were designed. While you may be able to see other drivers, without good lights, you could get into a car accident as they may not be able to see you.
  • Belts running and in good condition? Belts and hoses are the unsung heroes of your car’s performance. They literally keep your car running. Because of the wear and tear, they need to be regularly evaluated for wear and cracking.

Don’t let worries about keeping track of your car’s maintenance schedule get you down. Bring your car into the Wickliffe Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center and our car mechanics will be happy to evaluate all of your systems and get you back on the road.