Rad Air Auto Inspection


All Rad Air Complete Car Care facilities specialize in the following types of automotive repair and car maintenance services:


ABS-Brake-SystemABS Brake Systems / Stability and Traction Control Systems:

Need expert brake repair? Call Rad Air. We specialize in all types of brake system, stability and traction control system repairs. Our auto technicians have access to every variety of factory scanner and comprehensive diagnostic equipment to repair any problem your vehicle might have with these systems. If you have a brake, ABS, Traction Control or Stability Control light illuminated on your dashboard, call on Rad Air to diagnose and repair these problems for you quickly and efficiently.


Air-Conditioning-SystemsAir Conditioning Systems:

Is your vehicle’s air conditioning system failing? We have the know-how, tools and equipment to find those hard-to-find leaks and can complete a compressor rebuild and resealing if necessary. Additional air conditioning services include welding, splicing and repairing lines and hoses along with condenser and evaporator reconditioning and welding. We also specialize in repairs of automatic climate controls and dual climate controls, plus all aspects of interior heating and cooling system electrical circuits.


Cooling Radiator SystemsCooling / Radiator Systems:

We specialize in all aspects of cooling system repairs including radiators, thermostats, water (coolant) pumps, head gaskets, intake gaskets, heater systems and heater cores. We weld, recondition and repair radiators, heaters, cylinder heads, intake manifolds and engine blocks. Whatever problem you have with your vehicle’s cooling or radiator system, we can solve it.


Auto Tune UpDriveability Issues and Tune-Ups:

Is your car surging, stalling, or just not running right? Did you fail the E-Check or does your vehicle have a check engine light illuminated? The Rad Air automotive technicians can help. Once the problem is diagnosed, we have the ability to repair any and all “CHECK ENGINE” or “SERVICE ENGINE SOON” repairs whether they are constant or intermittent. We offer complete fuel injection services including cleaning of injectors, air induction systems, fuel line and fuel tank repairs. Rad Air is certified by the State of Ohio as official E-Check repair centers.


E Check ServicesE-Check Failure Repairs:

If your vehicle has not passed the E-Check examination, let our team of certified automotive technicians help you. All Rad Air locations are State of Ohio certified E-Check repair centers. Our friendly, knowledgeable mechanics will quickly diagnose the problem and provide you with a solution.


Electrical Electronic RepairsElectrical / Electronic Repairs:

We have the equipment and knowledge to analyze, diagnose and repair all electrical problems on most vehicles, whether this is causing a specific issue with one system, such as your headlights, or a larger issue that prevents you from starting your car. Bring your vehicle to Rad Air to resolve any electrical automotive repair.


Fleet Maintenance OptionsFleet Maintenance Options:

For the best in fleet maintenance services in Northeast Ohio, consider the family of Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Center locations. We understand that our local businesses need a reliable source of preventative maintenance and ongoing service to keep their fleet vehicles running well.


Fluid ServicesFluid Services:

Along with all of the high tech repairs listed above, we also perform fluid exchange services for all vehicles. We have the equipment to flush and exchange all fluids in your vehicle’s cooling system, brake system, power steering system and transmission.


Hybrid RepairHybrid Services:

Cleveland Hybrid is Northeast Ohio’s first and only family of automotive repair shops trained and qualified to maintain, service and repair hybrid and electrical vehicles. Cleveland Hybrid offers the same great benefits as Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Center locations.


Tire ServicesTires / Suspension:

All of our automotive repair shops offer a complete line of tires and tire services, including mounting and balancing. We also are qualified to perform complete suspension services and alignments on passenger vehicles, SUVs, light trucks and motor homes.

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