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Each year, more vehicles are manufactured with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), features that are designed to make it safer to drive a vehicle. Every time you adjust your vehicle after seeing a lane departure warning or use your rear camera system to back out of a parking spot, you are using your vehicle’s ADAS. While not all vehicles have ADAS, if yours does, it is very important that the system be regularly inspected and calibrated if necessary—that means making sure that all of the cameras and sensors are aligned and working properly. 


ADAS calibration services must be performed with the highest degree of accuracy and require specialized tools, technology, and knowledge: Rad Air has all three. You can rely on our team to follow all of the manufacturer’s ADAS recalibration requirements for your vehicle.

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Our Approach to ADAS Calibration

The Right Skills, Tools, and Technology

ADAS calibration has become a regularly needed service for many drivers, as the many sensors and cameras used by ADAS can become misaligned over time. For example, let’s say that your vehicle’s suspension is showing signs of wear and tear. A damaged or worn suspension will cause your vehicle to sit lower to the ground—and if your vehicle is not at its correct ride height according to your manufacturer’s specifications, this can cause  issues with ADAS cameras and various RADAR/LIDAR (light detection and ranging) alignments

Our technicians can perform both dynamic and static ADAS calibrations. Dynamic calibrations can be done using dedicated bi-directional scanners. Static calibrations use both scanners and range finding targets located at various points around the vehicle to calibrate the systems. The cameras and RADAR and LIDAR sensors are calibrated using advanced ADAS technology, including lasers  and targets, to help us ensure the most precise and accurate results.

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Top ADAS Calibration Services

Keeping your ADAS system calibrated is not just something you should do—it is a matter of safety, and your family’s safety, on the road. Precise ADAS calibration ensures those features you rely on to keep you safe are working accurately. When it comes to ADAS services, trust the experts at your local Rad Air.