Drivability Issues & Tune-Ups

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Drivability Issues and Tune-Ups

Is your car idling or running rough, stalling, surging, or performing inconsistently on the road? We refer to these types of issues as having poor performance or a “drivability issue.” If your car has a rough idle or drivability issue, it can be like having a nagging headache that simply won’t go away. Your vehicle’s “check engine” light might be blinking or coming on and off intermittently, your engine might have a lack of performance or poor fuel economy, or your vehicle might fail its E-Check. Fortunately, Rad Air’s professional automotive repair technicians are experienced in diagnosing these problems and improving the drivability, fuel economy, and overall performance of your vehicle.

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Signs of a Vehicle Drivability Issue

  • Rough idling
  • Surging at certain speeds
  • Stalling at stop signs
  • Hesitating to accelerate
  • Failure to start
  • Difficult to start
  • Confusing error messages
  • Check engine light on or flashing

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Tired of Riding Rough?

From cleaning the injectors and air induction systems to repairing the fuel delivery issues, Rad Air will quickly get your car back into excellent condition. Several of our locations in Northeast Ohio are certified as official E-Check repair centers by the State of Ohio, and we can service your hybrid or electric vehicles, too. Our expert automotive repair team will evaluate your car and its emissions control system to help create a repair plan that will work with your schedule and budget. Your car’s lack of performance or rough idle is usually a symptom of a problem with your engine and engine management system; our team is equipped to get to the root of the issue and resolve it completely.

If you’re tired of your vehicle’s poor performance, it’s time to smooth it out with a visit to your local Rad Air. We have the experience and knowledge to help diagnose and repair the drivability issues with your car and give it the thorough tune-up it needs to perform on the road.