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Hybrid Services

All Rad Air Complete Car Care facilities specialize in the following types of automotive repair and car maintenance services for hybrid and electric vehicles:


Drivability and Tune-Ups

Smooth out a rough ride at Cleveland Hybrid. Is your hybrid not quite the same as when you first bought it? Is your vehicle stalling, surging or slow to respond? There could be a number of factors at play. It is a good idea to have your hybrid or EV car inspected and diagnosed by a Cleveland Hybrid professional at Rad Air.


E-Checks & Emissions

Cleveland Hybrid can help you pass E-Check. Did you know? Even hybrid vehicles have to go through the Ohio E-Check inspection! If your hybrid is registered in an E-check county, it must comply with the Ohio EPA’s inspection policies.


Engines & Transmissions

When it comes to repairing your hybrid’s engine or transmission look no further than the Cleveland Hybrid experts at Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Centers. Rad Air’s special hybrid and electric vehicle division, Cleveland Hybrid, can help alleviate any concerns you may have about your hybrid’s engine or transmission.


Remanufactured Batteries

Your hybrid has two batteries. One small, 12-volt battery to operate the systems and one larger, DRIVE battery to help propel the vehicle. Like regular car batteries, the battery in your hybrid or electric vehicle will fail when it can no longer hold a charge.


Brake Repair

If you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle, your car may be equipped with a Regenerative Braking System. This unique type of system harnesses the energy of your moving vehicle and turns it into electricity that the battery uses to slow down and stop when you apply the brakes. This way, no energy is wasted even when it comes time to stop.


Electrical Repairs

Cleveland Hybrid handles complex electrical repairs. Like most hybrid owners, you might relish the fact that in addition to all the great benefits of driving a hybrid, not much additional maintenance is required compared to traditional gas vehicles. However, just like gas vehicles, hybrid and electric cars may experience electrical issues which are difficult and sometimes dangerous to track down.


Air Conditioning

In Northeast Ohio, you’ll find no better air conditioning repair technicians than the experts at Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Centers. That’s why Rad Air’s hybrid and electrical vehicle division, Cleveland Hybrid, is the best choice for servicing and repairing your A/C system.


Cooling & Radiator Systems

Cleveland Hybrid provides advanced cooling system repairs. You know that the cooling system keeps your vehicle….well, cool. But does a hybrid car really need special treatment? In short, yes. Most hybrids actually have two cooling systems; one for the electric motor and one for the engine.


Tire & Suspension Repair

Don’t ignore your hybrid’s tires & suspension. If you’re driving a hybrid or electric vehicle, did you know your car probably came equipped with low-rolling-resistance tires? These special tires are designed to make the car as fuel-efficient as possible. Because harder tires roll more easily than softer tires, low-rolling-resistance tires are generally harder than most tires are on the road.


Fluid Service

Cleveland Hybrid knows hybrid fluids. Engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, washer fluid…the list goes on. Do you know how many different fluids are required to keep your vehicle operating properly? When it comes to fluid services, hybrid vehicles are not much different than gas-powered automobiles.

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