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Whether you are driving a traditional gas vehicle or a hybrid, you still need to keep your cool on the road this summer in Northeast Ohio. If your hybrid or electric vehicle’s air conditioning system is not working like it should, bring it into one of our shops for hybrid AC repair. Our trained automotive technicians are ready to service and repair your hybrid vehicle’s AC system. Our team understands how to inspect, service, and repair hybrid AC systems, and we have invested in the tools, training, and technology to do it right.

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Hybrid AC Repair

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We will thoroughly investigate and inspect your hybrid vehicle’s AC system to look for any signs of damage to the system components or any indicators of a refrigerant leak. Our technicians will carefully look at the electric, or inverter, compressor, and find the source of the issue with your vehicle’s cooling. We take a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and repairing any problem with a hybrid or EV to ensure we deliver the best possible solution.

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If your hybrid or electric vehicle has lost its cool, count on the hybrid specialists at Rad Air to restore it. Trust your hybrid AC services to us—and make sure you keep your cool.