Braking Breakdown: The Most Common Issues With Brakes

Brakes are overrated, that is, until you need them.

Car Brake RepairDriving has become such a regular part of our everyday lives that you may never realize how many times you apply the brakes until you start having a problem with them. If your car isn’t stopping quite right, read on for the most common issues with automotive braking systems.

• Your brake pedal doesn’t respond like it used to. This is one of the most common indications that there is something wrong with your braking system. If it takes a great deal of effort to get the brakes to engage when you press the brake pedal or it goes to the floor, then you should immediately have it towed to the closest auto shop. Generally, when this type of problem occurs, though it can be a hassle and is certainly dangerous, it is a simple problem with the master cylinder. If the master cylinder has an internal or external leak, it will not get the brake fluid to where it needs to go in order to stop your car efficiently. Your local car mechanic can quickly evaluate your car and let you know what is causing your braking problem and recommend a solution.

• The steering wheel shimmies or shakes when you step on the brakes. If your steering wheel shakes when you are on the highway and you brake, then you could be having problems with your front rotors. An auto repair shop can let you know whether your front rotors are in good condition, or whether they are warped, have pad impressions or have been effected by too much moisture. In any case, rotors can be replaced by your Medina auto mechanic or other nearby Rad Air locations to eliminate the problem.

• The car pulls when the brakes are applied. This can be a frustrating and dangerous condition for any driver. Generally, if the car pulls to one side while the brake is being applied, then the first place car mechanics look is at the calipers. A frozen caliper will prevent fluid from working it’s way through the system. While there are ways to repair a frozen caliper, most Cleveland auto repair shops recommend simply putting a new part on to the car to avoid future issues.

In terms of safety, brakes are one of the most critical car systems. If you are having issues with your brakes and need advice you can trust, contact Rad Air today. One of our car care locations will be happy to evaluate your braking issues and give you a timely recommendation to solve the problem.