How To Know When Your Brakes Are On Borrowed Time

Disc brakes and padsRed lights, school buses, stop signs – all times you depend on your brakes working, and working well. There are few things more frightening than not having brakes when you need them. How do you know when your brakes are on borrowed time and are in need of replacement?

The most common signal your brakes are in need of attention from your local auto repair shop in Cleveland or Akron is a high pitched noise from either the front end or back end of your car. Consider the noise a warning about the condition of your brakes.

Manufacturers put a small piece of metal in the brake pad, called an indicator, which lets you know that you only have about 1/4” of brake pad left. The bad news? When you hear that noise, you know you need new brakes. The good news? You most likely still have about a month left on that set of brakes, though it is time to contact your Cleveland auto repair shop about repairs.

In some cases where there has been no indicator built into the brake pad or it has rusted and fallen off, you may not hear the squealing sound you are waiting for. In that case, as you drive, you may notice you have to push the brake pedal down farther to the floor in order to get the car to stop, or you may notice that it takes longer – more distance – for your car to come to a stop. These are both situations where it is important to take your car into an auto mechanic to have it checked. In addition, if you wait to have your brakes replaced until they are constantly grinding, you may do damage to the rotors, which will then have to be replaced as well.

Clearly, there are many reasons to make sure your brakes are in good working condition. Having the ability to stop quickly in traffic is not only a safety concern for you and your passengers, but for other drivers and pedestrians that may be traveling along the same roads. If you have concerns about the condition of your brakes, then taking them to a car mechanic in the area – Strongsville, Cleveland, Akron, Parma Heights or Medina – to have them evaluated is a smart idea, one that will protect the investment you have in your car as well as your safety.