The Benefits Of A Wheel Alignment

Rattling, Shuddering And Vibration?

wheel alignment

Today’s new car designs all feature a smooth, gentle ride designed for the comfort of the driver and passengers. If your car isn’t offering you the same comfort that it used to and is rattling, shuddering and vibrating along the road, then your car may need a wheel alignment.

In an ideal world, you car would only need to be aligned when it was built. But, because of rough road conditions as well as wear and tear, cars do go out of alignment, needing the help of a car care shop. Why is proper alignment so important? Alignment can cause a myriad of problems for a driver. You may experience difficulty handling the car or steering which can cause safety issues. Poor alignment can also cause your tires to wear out prematurely. Generally, if you notice that your tires are not wearing evenly, then having your wheel alignment checked by a complete car care center can save you money and driving frustration. Even just an eighth of an inch off on your front tire alignment and your car could be pulling sideways about twenty eight feet per mile.

A wheel alignment is also a good idea when you purchase a set of new tires. Today’s tires are not only expensive, but are designed to help with overall car performance and gas mileage. When your alignment is off, you will not only decrease your tire life, but also your overall gas costs. With the high price of gas, having an auto shop evaluate your alignment is money well spent.

Another time to consider a wheel alignment is when you have had work done on your steering or suspension. For cars with MacPherson struts, a quality car care center will not only replace the struts, but make sure that the tires are properly aligned. Newer cars that are designed with replacement strut cartridges don’t have this problem as only a portion of the strut is replaced. Other steering components that can affect wheel alignment include parts such as: steering racks, control arms or bushings, tie rods and idler arms. Each of these parts can change wheel alignment, so you may want to speak with your auto mechanic about wheel alignment as part of the repair.

Though having a wheel alignment may not sound like a critical component of properly maintaining your car, it is. By making sure that your car is properly aligned, you will experience a gentler, safer ride that can protect the investment you have made on your tires as well as improve your gas mileage. Do you have concerns about your own car’s alignment? Contact Rad Air today. Our complete car care service located in Northeast Ohio will give you the honest, hardworking service you need.