When Is It Time to Get New Brakes?

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As much as we like to go out and about in our cars, we also expect our cars to stop. Brakes are a critical part of your vehicle’s safety systems. Knowing when to get new brakes can not only make your ride easier, but can ensure your safety as you and your family travel. If you know what to look for, you can clearly know when to get new brakes before you need them avoiding a dangerous situation.

For a normal car, stepping on the brakes should be a smooth process where you feel your car evenly and responsively slow down. One of the first signs that your car needs brake repair is when you feel your car lurching to a stop, rather than simply slowing down. This kind of shuddering can indicate that the brake system is in need of repair by a trained mechanic. Another indicator that you may need car repair on your brakes is if you hear screeching or grinding sounds when you press the brake pedal. That can mean that instead of hitting a brake pad, metal is rubbing against metal. This metal to metal noise generally means that your brake pads have been completely used up and that it is time to have a new set installed.

There is the possibility that new cars may have squeaking brakes as well. This may not indicate a problem. While some new cars need a little bit of time to wear in their brakes, it is a good idea to have your new car brakes checked if you hear any noise from them. Another indicator that you may need brake service is if you sense vibration or wiggling in your steering wheel when coming to a stop. Vibration in the steering wheel may indicate that the brake rotor has gone bad and may need to be serviced. The brake rotor is a large metal disc that the brake pads clamp onto to bring your car to a stop. Brake rotors are a key component to the braking system, so they do need to be checked in a timely manner. A qualified car mechanic will be able to do an inspection and recommend the best steps to getting your brakes up and running again.

Need an expert opinion?

If your car is experiencing any of these brake situations ñ whether your car is squealing, grinding wiggling, vibrating or making other noises ñ then finding a qualified car repair center is the next step to protecting your brake system and your safety. Rad Air’s northeast Ohio locations, including Fairlawn, and Parma Heights, can provide a free estimate and recommendations as to how to get your brakes working properly again. Call us today for more information!