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Automotive Fun Fact: What’s in a name?

car radio

Picture it. It’s 1930 and there are more than 7 million cars and trucks in the United States. A young entrepreneur by the name of Paul Galvin had the bright idea to equip the modern vehicle with a talking machine.

What is a talking machine? Oh, just the 1900’s term for a radio. The Victor Talking Machine Company produced the Victrola, the most-wanted music playing and sound recording device on the market. Galvin enlisted his employees at the Galvin Manufacturing Company to create an inexpensive car radio. After a few failed attempts, Galvin got it right and soon the first car radio was born.

Galvin called his devise the Motorola in an attempt to link the product to the popular Victrola. “Motor” to indicate motion and “-ola” to indicate sound. The Motorolas dominated the market and became so synonymous with the company that Galvin changed the name of his manufacturing company to the name of his best-selling product.

And there you have it, the first car radio thanks to Motorola, a leading electronics firm today. Thanks to this company, the driving experience is even more entertaining and enjoyable!


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