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Safe Winter Driving: Three Golden Rules

car on a snowy road

It’s “over the river” to get to grandma’s house . . . not into it!

You don’t have to be an auto mechanic to prepare yourself for winter driving. At the very least, remember these three things about snowy driving.

1. Stay informed. Check the road conditions before getting behind the wheel so you are ready for what’s ahead. Stay alert while driving and pay attention to the way your car feels on the road. Know your vehicle’s limitations. Do you have ABS brakes? Are your tires adequate for cold, wet weather?

2. Make careful turns. Make careful turns. Your car can do three things: Stop, Go, and Turn. Perform all of these functions separately! Slow down when approaching a turn, not during it. Ease through the first half of the turn without touching your accelerator. Once you’ve made it halfway through the turn, accelerate slowly to complete it.

3. Control yourself, Control your vehicle. Control yourself, Control your vehicle. First and foremost, control your emotions. Don’t panic if you feel endangered by snow or ice. Prepare your vehicle for the winter ahead of time to avoid dangerous and emotional situations. A well-maintained vehicle will be less likely to surprise you with breakdowns or problems. We’ll discuss controlling your vehicle on ice in another post! Stay tuned!

The best way to prepare your vehicle for snowy, icy conditions is to winterize it. However, 70% of motorists do not winterize their vehicle. Schedule an appointment at your local Rad Air location or at an honest, trustworthy car repair shop. A good shop will perform a safety inspection and recommend what you do and do not need and how to make the repairs in a cost-effective way.

You can even do some winterizing yourself! Start off with making sure you can see well. Winterizing your windshield is easy and inexpensive. Prevent yourself from getting locked in the cold by winterizing your door locks. Stay safe!

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