Automotive Fun Fact: 2011’s Most Popular Colors

December 15, 2011

Did your favorite car color make the list?

DuPont released the 59th Global Automotive Color Popularity Report which studies the leading car colors in various countries and studies which colors may be popular for next year’s models.

For the fifth year in a row, white has been the leading car color in North America followed closely by black and silver. Silver is decreasing in popularity but still maintains more market share over gray in 4th place and red in 5th place. Beyond that, North Americans can choose between a variety of blues, greens and beiges.

Europeans prefer black vehicles. Twenty-five percent of their vehicles are black. However, white vehicles are on the rise as they represent the increasingly popular environment-friendly movement. White is followed by gray with 18% of the market, silver with 15% and blue with 7%.

South America and China’s most favored color is silver while Japan and Russia also prefer black.

So, what can we expect for future models? Expect to see deep reds and greens which are reminiscent of classic vehicles from the past. However, earthy tones, tranquil blues and bright, unusual colors will also make an appearance.

The top ten car colors in the world:

1. White/White Pearl and Silver tie, 22%

3. Black/Black Effect 20%

4. Gray 13%

5. Red  7%

6. Blue 6%

7. Brown/Beige  5%

8. Green  2%

9. Yellow/Gold 1%

10. Others  2%


If you could have any color vehicle, what would it be?? Let us know in the comments section below!

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