Meet-the-Mechanic: Baby Mike

March 22, 2012

15 Things You Don’t Know About Baby Mike

Meet Baby Mike – one of three Mikes at the Rad Air in Akron. Under the Akron shop manager, Quenton, Mike is one of the lead technicians performing a variety of automotive and light truck repairs.

Here is more you don’t know about Mike:

1. Prior to becoming a mechanic, Mike worked in an auto body shop for 7 years.

2. He grew up in Barberton, Ohio where his parents enrolled him in martial arts classes.

3. Today he is a black belt in shotokan, a style of karate.

4. When Mike isn’t “turning the wrench,” he is working on his orange Chevy S10 pickup truck.

5. He’s modified the S10 truck with suicide doors, 20″ rims, a stereo system, custom seats and more.

6. He plans to teach shotokan to his children when they are older.

7. Mike has two daughters and one son. Ages 4, 11, and 12.

8. He also has a fuzzy tabby cat named Fluffers.

9. Fluffers is the only woman in his life. He claims to have no time for dating.

10. He plans on purchasing a motorcycle soon. His dream bike is a Suzuki GSXR1300.

11. After he masters his motorcycle skills, Mike hopes to get into four-wheeling.

12. Mike joined the Rad Air team in Akron in spring of 2011.

13. He loves his job so much, he just bought a house to be closer to work!

14. His favorite part about work is the camaraderie in the shop.

15. But he still refuses to tell us why his coworkers call him Baby Mike. 🙂

If you are one of Mike’s clients in Akron, leave him a message in the comments section below!