Meet-the-Mechanic: Josh at Rad Air Medina

June 19, 2012

Thirteen Things You Don’t Know About Josh

Josh is the mild-mannered, nice young man who fixes your car at the Rad Air located in Medina, Ohio.  After almost 15 years, Josh has proven himself as a team-player, a shop leader, and one excellent mechanic.  Here’s what you don’t know about Josh:wheel alignment, tire balance, oil change, medina, ohio, auto mechanic, auto repair, car repair

1. Josh grew up in Lodi, Ohio where he still lives today with his wife and two kids.

2. After graduating from Cloverleaf High School, Josh began working at our Medina location as an apprentice.

3. With the encouragement of his coworkers, Josh enrolled at the University of Northwestern Ohio where he became a high-performance technician.

4. In his spare time, Josh enjoys golfing, riding his bike, and spending time racing his kids with remote controlled cars at Medina’s Reagan Park.

5. Every weekend, hundreds of people visit Reagan Park to test their racing skills from behind the remote control.

6. When he is not racing RC cars with his family, Josh also enjoys going on walks, visiting parks, and hosting family BBQs with his six year old daughter, Makayla, and his one year old son, Connor.

7. After college, Josh worked temporarily for a high performance machining company.

8. He missed his pals at Rad Air and turning the wrench, so he decided to come back permanently in 2004.

9. Today, Josh is not only the lead technician specializing in auto air conditioning repairs and brake jobs…he is a leader among his coworkers.

10. Born into a Buick-loving family, Josh had to maintain excellent grades to receive help purchasing his first car: a 1984 two-tone black and charcoal Buick T-type.

11. Today, Josh is trying to restore the ’84 Buick to excellent condition. He also makes a hobby of restoring a 1968 Buick Grand Sport 400 he also owns.

12. Josh’s arch-nemesis, Ruby, his daughters precious kitten was named after his daughter’s favorite cartoon, Max & Ruby.

13. His favorite part about fixing cars? The gratitude the client has when his or her vehicle was fixed properly.

We’re proud to call Josh a part of our team!  If you are one of Josh’s clients, congratulate him as our Technician of the Month in the Comments section below!