Automotive Fun Fact: Car Battery is World’s Most Recycled Product

September 20, 2012

Rad Air Auto Shops Provide Battery Recycling to Clients

According to the EPA, approximately one-third of our trash is reused and the number has grown each year since the first Earth Day in 1970.  But plastic milk cartons and aluminum pop cans are not the only things being recycled.  In fact, the world’s most recycled product is automotive batteries.  The EPA estimates approximately 100 million batteries are replaced each year, and over 99% of them are recycled which prevents dangerous chemicals and lead from polluting our communities.

new battery, car battery, recycle, green, radair, rad air, auto shop, car shop, car repair, auto repair, auto, car, mechanic, technician, battery, cleveland, akron, ohioAccording to the Blacksmith Institute, an organization aimed at wiping out life-threatening pollution, improperly dismantled auto batteries are one of the top 10 worst pollution problems for the planet.  The growing popularity of electric cars have caused repair shops to update their recycling processes to accommodate these new types of batteries.

At Rad Air, our mechanics are educated to correctly handle and recycle all automotive batteries. Even if you remove and replace your own battery, feel free to drop off the old battery at any of Rad Air’s Cleveland Akron locations, and we will properly recycle it free of charge.

Are you surprised car batteries are the most recycled product in the world? What would you think is first?