Meet-the-Mechanic: Scott at Rad Air Westlake

September 27, 2012

Ten Things You Don’t Know About Scott at the Westlake Shop!

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Scott, standing next to his plaques at the Westlake Rad Air.

When you walk into the Westlake Rad Air you can instantly feel the passion Manager Dino Cuffari and his team of technicians have for honest, expert repairs and superior customer service. One of the Master Technicians in the shop, Scott, shared how much he loves working with his teammates and the family atmosphere in the shop. We squeezed some information out of Scott for this blog post even though he was dreaming of working on a 1964 Corvair he was assigned to repair. Here are ten things you don’t know about Scott at our repair shop!

1. As the son of an auto mechanic, Scott grew up fixing cars with his dad. He says, “Cars were always a part of my life. I’ve been doing it forever.”

2. Scott was born and raised in Parma, Ohio. In addition to his high school curriculum, Scott participated in a general automotive program at Parma High School.

3. His prized possession is a 1967 Chevy C-10 truck. He is restoring the truck and hoping to add some hot rod features!

4. The truck has been stripped to its frame and Scott has added floor pans, cab corners, brand new body panels, and installed a rebuilt a 350 Chevy engine.

5. When the truck is finished it will resemble the original ’67 truck and will be dark blue and white.

6. He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife of 3 years who is a math teacher at a local Cleveland school.

7. Bif, Bubba & Pecos. No, not his nicknames – the names of his two cats and pet cockatoo.

8. Scott’s favorite thing about working in automotive repair is the sense of satisfaction he receives when he is able to fix something correctly for a grateful customer.

9. His favorite jobs in the shop are working on classic cars and the different challenges they present!

10. Most of all, Scott believes his coworkers are his family and hopes to spend his career working side by side with these great technicians!

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This is what Scott hopes his truck will resemble in the future!