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Holiday How To: Stay Safe this Driving Season

Avoid Accidents this Holiday Season with Advice from our Auto Repair Experts!

Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated holidays each year, but it is also the most dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the increasing cost of airfare has encouraged more people to drive to their holiday destinations. More cars on the road combined with sleepy, turkey-filled and often inebriated drivers has resulted in significantly higher accident reports. Not to mention, Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday shopping season which also adds to holiday traffic.

How can you avoid dangerous holiday traffic and accidents? The answers may be simple, but they are worth a read:

Consider public transportation – you won’t even have to find a place to park!

Designate a Driver – if you are drinking, make a plan to get home or spend the night.

Wear Seat Belts – make sure all passengers are seated and wearing a belt. It prevents injury in case of an accident, but also ensure the driver can see well.

Obey Speed Limits – and don’t swerve in-and-out between traffic.

Practice Defensive Driving – check & double-check anytime you enter an intersection, change lanes, make a turn or back out from a parking spot.

Stay Calm – don’t let heavy traffic trigger road rage! Remember, this is a thankful season!

Of course, a well-maintained vehicle can also prevent accidents. Make sure you can stop on a dime with good tires and brakes. Functional wiper blades, headlights and rear lights help you to see and be seen. To make sure your vehicle is prepared to face winter’s holiday traffic and cold weather, visit the Rad Air location nearest you in Lorain, Akron, Cleveland and everywhere in between!

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We wish you a joyous and safe holiday season! Be careful on the roads!

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