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What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

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It is finally March and as tax return checks begin to arrive in the mail, many drivers begin to think about replacing their vehicle. For many drivers, March and April are the perfect time to sell or purchase a used vehicle. We put together some tips to pay attention to when buying a used vehicle.  Check them out below!

Do Your Research!  Go online and research the “going rate” for the used car you are looking at. Look up the make, model and year online at eBay, craiglist and gumtree to see what similar vehicles are selling for. Look up the blue book value at Kelley Blue Book. This way you know the price of the vehicle you are considering before you even begin looking!

Check the Vehicle History.  Ask for a vehicle history report.  If one is not provided to you, record the VIN number and look up the vehicle online at a website like or

Have the Car Inspected.  Take the car to a repair shop of your choice and have it fully inspected. A professional, educated mechanic can easily detect issues you or the seller may be unaware of.  What seems like a small issue can turn into costly repairs. It is best to know the true condition of the vehicle before buying.

Negotiate Repairs. If something isn’t right with the vehicle, ask the seller to repair the problem before you purchase or negotiate for a lower selling price. If the seller offers to repair the vehicle first, make sure they are having the repairs performed by a high quality, professional auto repair shop like Rad Air.

Take Your Time.  Make sure you consider all of your options before purchasing a vehicle. Take the car for a test drive on the highway and on city streets to make sure you are pleased with the performance. Check out all of the vehicle’s features including power windows, lights, locks and more. If you feel pressured, something is probably wrong. Trust your instincts and wait for the right vehicle before purchasing.

Bring a Friend.  Take a friend, spouse or family member with you when looking for a vehicle and negotiating. It helps to have another opinion from someone you trust. Let them know what you are looking for and any concerns you may have so they can help you remember all of the questions you need answered.

There you have it!  Our top 6 tips for purchasing a used vehicle.  Have more tips?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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