Back-to-School Car Maintenance Tips

August 13, 2013

Prepare your Vehicle for Back-to-School Season with Tips from Rad Air Auto Mechanics!Back to School Road Sign

Are you preparing for a busy back-to-school season filled with busy mornings and after-school activities?  Or perhaps you are preparing to send your child off to college. No matter what, back-to-school is busy for everyone and now is the perfect time to make sure your car is at the top of its class. Be prepared and get ready for this busy time by following these simple guidelines!

1. Keep Up with Basic Maintenance: Make sure to complete simple maintenance tasks like oil changes and tire rotations. Check all the fluid levels and top them off if necessary including brake fluid, transmission fluid and coolant. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your wiper blades, you might want to invest in some now before rain’s fall takes its toll. While these are simple, minimal maintenance items, they will extend the life of your vehicle and keep it functioning properly.

2. Check the Owner’s Manual: Familiarize yourself with the recommended maintenance schedule. If it is time for a 60,000 mile service, take the time to have the vehicle serviced. Most major repairs can be prevented by following manufacturer recommendations. These services are inexpensive in the long run and help ensure you and your family are safe on the road.

3. Check Your Dash Board: Have you grown accustomed to a warning light? Don’t ignore it! Have it checked out sooner rather than later. Again, catching a problem early will prevent costly repairs in the future.

4. Be Prepared: Make sure the vehicle has basic safety equipment including jumper cables, a pair of gloves, flashlight with extra batteries, washer fluid and other items. A pre-packaged auto safety kit is also a great choice. They are compact and provide everything you need. Some other good ideas include granola bars, compact winter shovels, ice scrapers, blankets and bottled water.

5. Stay Organized: The cars of busy college students and parents with children in school often resemble cargo trucks after the start of school. Books, sports equipment, gym shoes, etc. often find a permanent home in vehicles. So stay organized! There are a number of bags and organizers which can help maximize the space in your trunk. Carve out some space just for your safety equipment so you will always be prepared.

6. Know Your Car: Pay attention to your car and familiarize your child with the car as well. Make sure they know where they can find the safety equipment, spare tire and owner’s manual. Familiarize yourselves with the particular noises of your car so you are more aware of anything unfamiliar and different.