Women ‘AUTO’ Know: Top Picks for New Cars

February 17, 2014
By: Brittany Gumucio
Administrative Assistant & Brand Manager at Rad Air. Bowling Green State University grad & choco-holic. Wife and auntie to 7 adorable kiddos.

Looking to Buy? My Top Picks for New Vehicles

Let’s face it ladies…a lot of what happens in the car world is decided by men. The good news is that there are a lot of women in the automotive world making cars, auto repair, and maintenance a lot more female friendly. In fact, GM recently chose Mary Barra, former factory-floor worker, to be the new CEO of General Motors. With more women making big moves in automotive, we’re bound to see more innovations coming from the automotive industry. That being said, I’ve picked out four of my favorite cars that would make a great purchase for many women today.

The Ford EscapeĀ 

My personal favorite. I have been driving an Escape since I learned to drive and cannot say enough about them. Not only have I never had a problem with the vehicle, it makes me feel safe without being too big. While I normally stand around 5’1″ tall, the Escape gives me just enough height to feel confident behind the wheel. The Escape is eco-friendly. It receives great mileage, low emissions and the newer models have some components made of recycled materials. My 2009 Escape has been on the road for almost 5 years and 80,000 miles and it is easy to maintain. I’m dying for some of the features in the newer models like the foot-activated lift gate. That would help me out so much with two armfuls of grocery bags!

The Chrysler Town & Country

I may not be a minivan type gal, but the women in my life consistently tell me how much they love their Town & Country minivans. Chrysler has a long history of innovating. They were the first to offer fully integrated child seats, passenger side airbags, and a driver-side sliding door in minivans – all designed to make your driving safer and more convenient. The vehicle is lower to the ground so it is easier to get in and out, especially for any kiddos you may have. Additionally, the Town and Country boasts incredible storage space including a foldable second row and a power-folding third row so you can go from seven passenger seats to two in a matter of minutes.

The Mini Cooper Countryman

I had the luxury of driving a Mini Cooper after college and loved it. The Countryman would be a great choice for women who still want a cute, sporty car without sacrificing important features. The 4-door Countryman is available with all-wheel drive, ample trunk space, is lightweight and easy to control. Sure it might be compact, but that tight parking spot outside your favorite restaurant can be easily maneuvered. Additionally, Mini Coopers have a history of depreciating less quickly compared to other vehicles. Check it out to see if the Countryman’s quirky style matches your own! While it is definitely a pricier option, the 2013 model earned the IIHS Top Safety Pick+.

The Nissan Altima

The Altima has long been known as a safe choice for families. It comfortably seats five passengers with lots of great features to choose from including wide-angle rearview camera, blink-spot mirrors, heated side mirrors (no more scraping ice!), built-in navigation system and more. The Altima has also earned the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ and the NHTSA gave it five stars for crash-test performance. Safe, practical and reliable. What more could you want?

And there you have it. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your vehicle, think of what is important to you. Many women look for affordable, reliable, easy-to-maintain vehicles to fit their professional and family demands. Others look for luxury and performance. What makes and models are you going to try?