Manager’s Minute: Dino at Westlake Rad Air

March 3, 2014

Meet the Manager of Rad Air’s Auto Shop in Westlake, OH

Dino Cuffari is the manager of the Rad Air auto shop in Westlake, Ohio. He grew up in Fairview Park with three older sisters. If you know Dino, you know he is family-oriented, generous and outgoing. He has always been close with his parents and can frequently be seen working alongside his daughter, Delcina.Dino Westlake Rad Air Manager

Dino’s interest in cars began when his sisters’ friends and boyfriends started driving. He started hanging out with the boyfriends and watched them work on their cars. When he was in the fifth grade, his dad bought him a 1964 Honda 50 motorcycle. The first time it broke down, Dino had to fix. His love for motorcycles, cars and anything that moves led him pursue three years of automotive technology in high school. Dino started sweeping floors at a gas station and service center in Lakewood, Ohio. Soon after he started working, his boss handed him the keys to the shop and he worked his way up to managing an 11 bay shop with 6 technicians.

Dino joined Rad Air in 2003 and works alongside his wife, Roz and daughter, Delcina. He enjoys working in the yard, occasional traveling, and riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. In fact, Dino’s first 1964 Honda 50 is on display in the Rad Air waiting room. Although it is not the same bike, it is identical to the one he had as a kid. It serves as a great reminder of Dino’s family, education and work experiences. Stop by and see it sometime!

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Dino’s Harley Davidson next to his 1968 Honda 50.

Dino’s Car Care Tip

For me, safety is the most important aspect of repairing cars. I want my family, friends and clients to be safe on the road and that means making sure their vehicles handle properly as expected. I recommend my clients use regular maintenance check-ups as a planning tool. If you’re planning on taking your vehicle on a road trip this summer, tell your technician or service team. A good shop can alert you to auto services and repairs that may need to be done now or in the future. This way, your wallet won’t be surprised by a breakdown or repair. Use regular maintenance and factory-recommended service intervals to extend the life of your car, protect your wallet, and keep you safe on the road!