Manager’s Minute: Eric at Garfield Heights

June 12, 2014

Eric Knows Auto Repair! Meet him in Garfield Heights, Ohio.Spape7953 copy

Eric Spape grew up in Parma Heights, Ohio where he realized an interest in automotive repair when he began tinkering with lawn mowers and engines at a young age. He enrolled in the automotive technology program in high school and signed up for a small engine repair class to see if auto mechanics was a good fit for him. Needless to say, it was!

Today Eric is the heart and soul of the Rad Air location in Garfield Heights. He started working with Rad Air when he was just 20 years old in 1991. He began as an apprentice and spent his time assisting technicians, sweeping floors and performing oil changes. He quickly learned Rad Air’s specialty, air conditioning and radiator repairs. Eric continued his education through the company by taking advantage of any and all training seminars, courses or classes he could find. He quickly became lead technician and shop foreman by 1999 and is an ASE and Ohio E-check emissions and drivability certified specialist. Eric has managed the team at Garfield Heights since 2007 and is proud to provide unparalleled service.

When asked what makes his job special, Eric shares his passion for helping people by providing honest advice. In fact, Eric says being honest is the single most important aspect of being an automotive advisor. Beyond that, the core of his business philosophy is to treat people the way they want to be treated. When he isn’t at the auto shop, Eric enjoys working in his yard, spending time with friends and snowmobiling in the winter.

Auto Tip From Eric

There is no better ¬†used car than your own used car. When people are deciding on whether to repair their car or buy a used one, many times it makes sense to fix what you already own because you are familiar with its history. A ‘new’ pre-owned car might not have had the same level of care that you would put into it. We understanding making big repairs can be a big decision for many people, which is why I’m always available to offer honest advice and opinions on a client’s unique situation. Treating your vehicle right with regular maintenance and proper repairs when necessary will extend the life, performance and look of your vehicle for years to come.