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Car Care Tip: Winter Driving Prep

Brake & Tire Inspections Recommended Before Winter Driving

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Master Technician, Mike, examines brakes on a 2012 Jeep Liberty.

The two most important safety components on any vehicle are right under your feet. In preparation for the winter, it is especially important to examine your brakes and tires.

Without brakes, you can’t stop! For the safety of passengers and other vehicles on the road, it is imperative your brakes work effectively and respond to quick maneuvers. Pay attention to noises, vibrations, and movements in your vehicle. If you suspect a problem visit a Cleveland – Akron Rad Air location immediately. Don’t wait for a dashboard indicator light to illuminate.

Similarly, tires must be well maintained to maneuver and respond the way you need. Not only does proper tire maintenance help prevent flats or blowouts, tires help the vehicle to handle properly including making quick, emergency maneuvers. This is important during the winter when snow and ice makes it difficult for tires to grip the road. Have your tires checked for proper inflation, wear patterns, tread depth and overall condition.

Contact your local Rad Air location right away if you need assistance with brakes or tires. With twelve locations between Lorain, Wickliffe, Medina, Cleveland, Akron and more – we’re never too far away!

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